Layout Addendum


The final scene of《la dolce vita 》is a reference to the break down of human communication.
The writer,submerged in banality,comes to the shore,to watch the fisherman’s catch; a pre historical sea monster.
The monster reveals a primordial need of communication through its gaze and the same moment,the writer,unable incommune acting with the young girl,leaves the scene.
Azadi’s installation emphasizes on unmaterializing needs of enlightenment &communication.
The metaphor of color in his work,represents the diversity of insights and the sequnetial bliking of the heads, is the symbol of mental production of diverse socienties.
Hossein Azadi finds the enlightment for the mass, impossible and this attempt is passage to a void.
This work fully colored, takes us to the coldness a depression of the contemporary intellectualism and reminds a fall, like Camus.
Ali Bakhtiari, curator